Sunday, June 10, 2007

Knocked Up

Finally made it back to the drive-in this week and saw Knocked Up starring Seth Rogan and Katherine Heigl. I hadn't met anyone who has actually seen this movie, but when I mentioned what I was going to see that night, folks told me, "That's supposed to be really funny!" and "I heard that's great!"...well, it WAS funny and while it wasn't great, it was really, really good. It would have been better if the women in the film weren't so darn awful-- not their acting, but their personalities. It was hard to like any of the females in this film. Cranky, moody, selfish, arrogant-- ugh!
Most are probably familiar with the plot line- good-looking, smart career girl has one night stand with overweight slacker dude and become pregnant. There are some very funny lines in the film, mostly credited to Rogan and his fellow slackers. Definately worth seeing for a few laughs, if you can tolerate the miserable women characters! I would love to hear from any of you who saw this film-- did you feel as I did?

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