Thursday, March 8, 2007


When I went on the IMDB to get the link for Norbit, I was really surprised to see that it has gotten a much lower rating than Wild Hogs. As I write in the previous post, Wild Hogs was the worst excuse for a comedy I've seen in a long, long time. Norbit was the second feature at the drive-in this past weekend. After nearly falling asleep during Hogs (or maybe it was hypothermia, it was freezing) I thought that Norbit would be even worse, given the bad ratings it has received. This is the story of Norbit, a meek, not-so-bright, kind man who marries a loud and downright nasty woman named Rasputia. What a clever name! The choice alone of Rasputia as the name of this wicked, cheating woman was funnier than anything in Hogs. This is definately not high-brow comedy. I have been asked how I could like this movie being that it makes fun of heavy people and I am definately heavy, but I really wasn't offended at all. The movie makes fun of everyone! This is a good movie to rent, or see at the cheap movies, or the second feature at a drive-in! Definately worth a laugh or two or three or four.

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