Thursday, February 15, 2007

Please, SKIP THIS MOVIE and not just Because I Said So

As fan of pretty much everything Diane Keaton has ever done, with the exception of The Family Stone, I really wanted to like Because I Said So, starring Keaton and Mandy Moore. It was a cold, miserable Friday evening before Valentine's Day and I thought a nice, light romantic comedy would be the perfect entertainment for the evening. The previews looked really good! Half way through this movie about a meddling mother (Keaton) who tries to find a mate for her youngest daughter (Moore) by posting an ad on the internet, I found myself wondering if perhaps the best parts of the film were already shown in the trailer and the previews. My friend and I sat in the theater in silent disbelief as all around us, women were laughing hysterically. Some were even SLAPPING THEIR KNEES! I turned to my friend and said that surely they were laughing at something else...sharing a joke on cell phone screen, or listening to the radio or laughing in their sleep. My friend and I didn't find one amusing thing in this movie at all. Admittedly though, the rest of the theater seemed to enjoy it, but if you ask me, this one isn't even worth renting.

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